Crystal Schip, J.D.

Crystal Schip started her career in real estate + law at a real estate law firm, supporting clients with real estate finance and development projects.  Inspired by the startup culture in Silicon Valley, she later found her way into tech law as a litigator representing Fortune 500 companies.  But she has always been passionate about real estate and holds a deep desire to help people.  So after years of practicing law at some of the largest law firms in the country, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch her own real estate business and dedicate more time to serving her real estate clients.  She continues to strive to bring the level of service, knowledge, and expertise that is expected of attorneys to the real estate industry.  As part of Compass, the leading real estate brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area, Crystal is immersed in the real estate market, helping people buy, sell, and invest in homes around the region.

Crystal originally moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from her hometown in Honolulu, Hawaii, over 15 years ago.  Over the years, she has grown increasingly familiar with many neighborhoods around the Bay, moving from San Francisco, to the South Bay, to the Peninsula, and back to San Francisco, where she now lives in a 1907 home.  Her knowledge of the greater Bay Area informs her perspective on the San Francisco market relative to other areas, and allows her to serve clients throughout the region.

Crystal’s years of practicing law offer her clients a unique skill set in each negotiation and transaction she encounters.  She has an expertise in contractual issues and due diligence, and is always focused on protecting her clients’ best interests and their investments.  She devotes the time to educate her clients on the risks and benefits of the home buying and selling process to be sure they make informed decisions.  Clients consistently acknowledge her strong work ethic, patience, professionalism, and dedication to providing the highest level of service.

When she’s not working, Crystal loves exploring the outdoors with her husband and their pitbull/ridgeback mix, Rocker.  She is also a health and wellness enthusiast.  She would be honored to help you fulfill your real estate dreams!


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