Steps to Buying a Home

Get Preapproved with a Lender
Shop for Home Loans
Determine Budget
Understand Closing Costs

Tour Homes
Open Houses
Private Showings
Off-Market Opportunities

Due Diligence Process
Research and Disclosures
Pre-Offer Inspections

Get Offer Accepted
Contract and Contingencies

Manage Escrow Process Through Closing
Loan and Appraisal Process
Further Inspections & Possible Re-Negotiation

Get Keys and Move Into Your New Home
Hire Movers

As a realtor who has helped dozens of homebuyers find their way home, I help simplify the complex process of homebuying.  I help you understand the local real estate market and make informed decisions when buying.  At each step of the homebuying process, I help position you to succeed.  I manage all the details so you can focus on making your new house a home.  I look forward to being your trusted partner in your homebuying journey.