Trust & Probate Services

Trained as an attorney, I have the background and expertise needed to help navigate a trust or probate sale. Unlike most real estate agents, I have a special understanding of how real estate fits into the bigger picture of a trust or probate administration and can skillfully manage the details of the sale.

What Is A Probate Sale?

When a person dies without a will, his or her estate goes through a court process called probate. This process is also known as probate administration, in which the court decides who receives the property owned by the person who died (the decedent). The court also allows an administrator or executor to dispose of (sell) real property owned by the decedent. The court then distributes the proceeds of the sale to the beneficiaries of the estate.

How Is A Probate Sale Different From A Typical Sale?

The probate process is very different from a typical home sale. First, an administrator must be appointed. Depending on the type of authority the administrator holds, the court may need to approve the sale before escrow can be closed; this approval process is also known as court confirmation. At the court confirmation hearing, interested buyers may present “overbids” and replace the original buyer in contract.

I would be honored to help you manage the complex process of a probate sale.


Consultation with Trust or Probate Attorney
Market Valuation Letters
Professional Market Analysis Reports
Preliminary Title Reports 
Customized Marketing Plan 
Coordinate Emptying of Property 
Supervise Vendors and Contractors (Haulers, Estate Liquidators, Painters, Stagers, etc.)
Thorough Disclosure Packages
Court Appearances
Coordinate All Details of Transaction