motivated, hardworking, kind and passionate”


“As we knew she would, Crystal struck the right balance between proactive and considerate – always keeping us informed and ahead of schedule, taking care of upgrades and staging start to finish, and making us feel like her top priority – all in the same month as her wedding! She brought in multiple serious offers and we handily closed above our ask. 100% delighted!”
— B.W.

Selling a property is challenging. Getting it ready for the sale is stressful. Crystal Roberts’ help and advice made the process smooth and stress free. Once I was ready the process was fast and efficient from scheduling the home inspection, photographer and staging. The home was sold in 3 days due to efficient preparation and advertising. Crystal is also a lawyer, I find this a plus considering the many documents to review. Accessibility to Docusign made the process smooth. Overall Crystal was professional, helpful and always offer any help I could use. I highly recommend Crystal Roberts to help you with your real estate needs.”
— P.O.

Crystal is an outstanding Real Estate Agent. I highly recommend working with Crystal because she is motivated, hardworking, kind and passionate about helping you find the dream home that is right for you. Crystal helped me and my husband purchase our first home in San Rafael. The Bay Area real estate market can be overwhelming but Crystal helped us develop a realistic understanding of what was possible for our budget. Crystal provided excellent guidance and support throughout the whole process including: -What to look for at open houses -Weekly listings that matched what we were looking for in a home -How to write a strong letter to the seller -Support in deciding on what a strong offer would be -Guidance through all steps of escrow and closing Crystal is fantastic!”
— A.W.

“trust-worthy, patient, and extremely knowledgeable”


Working with Crystal was an absolute dream. My wife and I were very nervous about purchasing our first property in the Bay Area and had only a modest budget to work with. Crystal was meticulous in walking us through the whole process. She met with us in person at the outset to get a feel of where  we were at and sent us listings that completely matched our criteria. We found our perfect place and put out a bid – scary! She guided us through every step of the process and did a great job getting a sense of where the seller was at. Through her guidance, our bid was accepted! She then created a timeline and helped us check off every box during the closing process! There are so many forms to sign and scary big wires to send and a bunch of other things and she coordinated everything with us! We did two thorough inspections of the property as well. When we met that last time to get the key, it was a dream, and she made it all possible! We feel truly lucky to have worked with her. It was seriously so easy and painless. She puts in so much extra work! Thank you Crystal!”
— D.W.

Crystal was an amazing partner in the insane process of buying a home in the Bay Area. I know that she probably had other clients, but I never felt like she was too busy to go above and beyond to help us find our new home, and we couldn’t be happier! Crystal was always super fast to respond to my  never-ending questions in detail. We felt so lucky to have her!”
— K.S.

Crystal was incredibly helpful during my first home-buying experience. She proved to be trust-worthy, patient, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the process. Crystal ensured that I felt comfortable every step of the way. As a first time home-buyer, I was very nervous. Crystal took the time to thoroughly explain every component of the home-buying experience. No matter how many questions we had, Crystal would find the time to answer them and make sure we felt comfortable. In the very competitive San Francisco market, Crystal helped us succeed in winning our condo on our very first offer! Crystal is an amazing agent to work with and I would whole-heartedly recommend her!”
— C.R.

Her background as an attorney really stood out”


Crystal went above and beyond for my husband and I. She was patient, listened to what we wanted, and then made it happen. We met her in May and we closed on our home in July! If it weren’t for Crystal we would not be moving into our dream home! We feel beyond lucky to have had her help with this  process.” –
– A.R.

“Crystal was helpful and honest with us throughout the home buying process. She walked us through each step and made sure that we were making informed decisions. When we needed her to advocate for us, she did and we ended up getting the house that we both loved!”
— K.C.

“Crystal was very accommodating and have always been available when we have questions. She definitely has the knowledge and expertise in her field and I rate her with 5 stars. Nice person, always smiling and dependable.”
— J.T.

“extensive knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods and properties”


When we first engaged Crystal to help us buy a home, we had just come off of a series of disappointing bids and rejections the year prior, so we were bracing ourselves for a long renewed housing search. Imagine our surprise when, for our first attempted offer together, Crystal helped us craft us a  winning package (in the crazy SF housing market, no less)! Thanks to Crystal and her rare combination of charisma, proactivity, compassion, and killer instinct, we had an unbelievably smooth experience bidding on and purchasing our home. Crystal identified really creative ways to help us improve the attractiveness of our offer (despite some of our financial constraints), tirelessly researched and shared helpful information without our asking, and helped us track details and deadlines (a total blessing with our insane schedules). Her background as an attorney really stood out, given her uncanny detail-orientedness and unfailing responsiveness. We also really appreciated her ability to keep us motivated in moving through the process while provide realistic, practical recommendations. I would recommend Crystal in a heartbeat for anyone that is looking to craft a competitive, successful offer for the Bay Area housing market.”
— J.O.

“Working with Crystal was an awesome experience. My wife and I had zero experience/knowledge when we started looking for a home. With Crystal’s help we were quickly able to target our search into a smaller area and decide what was important to us. She was with us every weekend we felt like house hunting and answered our emails and phone calls almost immediately! We’d still be looking if it wasn’t for Crystal!”
— A.S.

My wife and I were looking for our dream home in SF for a while. It was hard to find the right home for the right price, especially in SF. We worked with several different agents, but didn’t feel like we got the attention or responsiveness that we needed. Then we met Crystal. We could instantly  see the difference between the care and attention that Crystal gave us and that of our previous agents. Even though she was a relatively new realtor, she showed extensive knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods and properties. Her legal background was especially helpful while going through all the disclosure documents for properties (hint for new buyers: there are a LOT of documents). She didn’t push us to make crazy offers on properties and always advised us to make an offer that we were comfortable with, rather than pushing us to over bid to get a property in a hot market. In the end, we were able to get our dream house in the inner Richmond! We just moved in to our house and LOVE it! We could never have done it without Crystal! We highly recommend her!”
— J.C.