Clean Your House in Just 15 Minutes

Expecting guests over the long weekend but your house is a mess? Don’t sweat! Follow these quick tips to get your home presentable in under 20 minutes.

The mission:  Get your home to look presentable and save your guests from a messy home

The strategy: Tidy only the high-traffic areas your guests will most likely notice (fake it ’til you make it!)

The plan of attack:  Grab a large garbage bag, an empty laundry basket and a couple of microfiber cloths…

First Impressions (2 minutes).  The first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your home is the front entryway:

  • shake out the front door mat
  • put any clutter — shoes, coats, bags, stacks of mail — in your basket or away
  • add a couple of fresh flowers to your hall table if you have one

Living Room (5 minutes).  Your guests will probably spend most of their time between the living room and the kitchen:

  • clear any clutter off the coffee table (toys, empty mugs, etc.) and throw it in your basket
  • put any trash in the garbage bag
  • wipe down surfaces (coffee table, end table, TV stand) with your microfiber cloth
  • fold throw blankets
  • fluff any throw pillows

Kitchen (5 minutes).  The heart of the home, and often the gathering place:

  • put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • wipe down all countertops and stove
  • store any clutter in an extra drawer or your basket
  • empty the trash

Bathroom (3 minutes).  Unless you have a huge number of guests, designate just one bathroom as the “guest” bathroom.  Close the doors to all other bathrooms.

  • put all clutter (bottles, brushes, etc.) in a drawer or cabinet
  • wipe down countertops, faucet, and toilet tank cover with a cloth
  • replace toilet paper roll with a fresh roll
  • empty the trash
  • spritz air freshener or light a candle
  • close shower curtain/door

Close bedroom doors + doors to all other rooms that are not tidy.

Done! Now just enjoy your company…




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