3 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Some might think selling a home is pretty straightforward.   Yet, all too often, we see homeowners giving away their hard-earned equity when selling.   Here are some ways I think homeowners leave too much money on the table — and how you can avoid being one of them:

Not using professional photos.  First impressions are everything, especially in today’s real estate market and technologically-savvy world.  It should come as no surprise that the large majority of homebuyers find their next home online.  If the photos are not impressive, they will move on.  In fact, homes with poor quality photos get few, if any, in-person showings.

Instead, hire a professional photographer, or make sure your realtor hires one to present your home in the best light and attract the largest amount of qualified buyers.

Not seeking a certified tax advisor.  Taxes are a big part of any home sale.  Accordingly, knowing how the sale of your property will impact your tax liability can help you evaluate whether you are ready to sell; this is key in a successful home sale.  A good tax advisor can also help you understand how to position yourself in the best way in order to accomplish your broader real estate and financial goals.

Tip:  Unless they are also a CPA or attorney, your realtor is not licensed to advise you on tax laws.  Instead, speak with a certified tax advisor or tax attorney.

Not hiring a professional.  Not only do (most) realtors have more education and experience in real estate than the average homeowner, we will save you a ton of time and headaches to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  We are likely more familiar with sales of nearby homes and can provide you with data on market conditions, saving you from having to do hours of research on your own.  We can guide you on pricing decisions, and we can filter out buyers who aren’t serious, too.  Many of us are trained in negotiation, getting you the best price possible.  Our network of other realtors and recommended vendors are also available at your disposal.  At, perhaps most importantly, we know what disclosures must be made by law and how to reduce potential liabilities as a seller.


If you’re looking for a qualified realtor to help guide you through the process, contact Crystal Roberts at 415-993-0618.


Crystal Roberts
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Corpen Real Estate Group CaBRE #02010273
(415) 993-0618

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