What’s an AVID?

An AVID (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure) is a report prepared by a real estate agent, documenting their observations from a visual inspection of a property.  This can be helpful for homebuyers to review before making the seller a purchase offer because it provides them with more information about the property before deciding on a price and terms. Continue reading “What’s an AVID?”

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

It seems that there are real estate agents everywhere.  Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by it every day, but I feel like every time I turn the corner, there is another real estate agent.  This feeling is confirmed by the fact that, as of April 2018, there were over 400,000 real estate licensees in California.  Given that there are somewhere around 39-40 million Californians, this means there is 1 realtor for every 100 people in California!

It’s a no-brainer that picking a good real estate agent to work with should be a top priority when buying or selling your home.  But, with so many choices, how do you pick the right one for you? 

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Getting to Know Me: 6 Things I Love The Most (and Least) About Being a Realtor

I’m often asked the question of how I like being a realtor compared to being an attorney.  (For those of you new to this site, I practiced law full-time for about 5 years before starting my real estate business.)  The truth is, I LOVE IT! Like every profession, there are pros and cons to working in residential real estate.  But for me and where I am in my career right now, the pros far outweigh the cons.

For anyone considering the real estate industry, here are a few things to consider… Continue reading “Getting to Know Me: 6 Things I Love The Most (and Least) About Being a Realtor”