JUST SOLD – 979 36th Street, Richmond

Congratulations to my newest set of homeowners! Admittedly, this home started out with some flaws that might have scared other homebuyers away.  But after reviewing what was truly important to my clients and taking a closer second look, my clients decided this was the home for them, so we convinced the seller to fix those “flaws” with our winning offer and went for it.  It took some persistence, but sometimes winning the right home for you means really thinking about what you want, what can be fixed to get you what you want, and what you can’t live without.  Then, with the right negotiations, you can reach an agreement that works for everyone.

Unfortunately for many people, there is no such thing as the “perfect” home unless they buy a brand new home that’s custom-made just for them (and pay the premium for doing so).  Inevitably, with buying an older home, some things will need to be repaired.  So I work with homebuyers to find the “perfect-for-them” home with the right amount of work they can either undertake themselves or negotiate with the seller to take care of.  I also help homebuyers, like these, investigate some overlooked neighborhoods that have many hidden benefits — like this cozy, family-friendly neighborhood in North & East Richmond, CA just minutes from Bart, Oakland, the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco.

If you’re interested in finding your own “perfect-for-you” home in the Bay Area, contact me today.

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